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01 June 2017 @ 01:25 am
About this Community  

99.9% of the posts you're going to find here will be members only. All pieces of writing you'll find here are original fiction, usually 1. intended to be novels and 2. taking place in some sort of medieval-like world.

I will not tolerate:

*Butchering of the writing that's posted here
*Those who cannot give constructive criticism
*Anything else I can't currently think of. Those who go against any of these things will be banned from the community
*People who comment to my public entries just to advertise something that has absolutely nothing to do with writing/the purpose of this community

As far as membership goes, I have it so that I have to approve your membership. If 1. you and I know each other 2. we have things in common 3. your journal is not clearly a sock or spam bot account, I will more than likely approve your membership. You will not be able to see the pieces of writing I post here unless you friend the community (though I believe you have to join it as well).

I decided to create this community and get rid of (or probably just close) my old one because I felt that I needed a new start with my writing. I enjoy the name of the community more, and I feel that I can be more organized with my writing by making a new community.

Some of the things you'll find here include:

* Ramblings- ranting about writing, frustrations with trying to write certain things, whatever

* Character profiles

* Writing prompts I plan on answering

* Pictures that will represent various characters

* Links to various sites I either make or find

* Anything else I can think of that may need to be posted

If you enjoy reading original fantasy fiction that involves magic, romance, interesting characters and more, you are more than welcome to join.

If you have any questions about the community, please don't hesitate to comment to this entry with them.

If you and I are not already friends, I would greatly appreciate it if you would comment to this entry saying "hey!" and letting me know who you are/why you'd like to join.

Anyway...if you decide you want to follow my writing, great!