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Welcome to jediscribbles, the new community where I, jediknightmuse, am going to start posting my writing from now on. I'm twenty-four, nearly twenty-five, and I write original fantasy fiction, usually sword and sorcery/high fantasy novels (or novel attempts). My previous writing community was scribedenigma, though you probably won't find any of my previous writing there once I officially close it.

jediscribbles is members only to help protect my writing. If you and I know each other or have things in common, you are more than welcome to join and friend the community. I would love it if those of you who join/friend the community would give comments every now and then, but I'm not going go "RAWR YOU'RE NOT GIVING FEEDBACK, YOU'RE OUT" or something if you don't.

Things you'll find here:

Excerpts/full chapters of whatever project I'm working on
Character profiles
Writing ramblings
Promoting of any writing communities, my message board for writers, writing events, whatever
Writing prompt responses
Writing related memes
Writing discussion/questions
Anything else I can think of


I write original high fantasy/sword and sorcery. My stories pretty much 100% of the time contain some sort of magic abilities, and some romance, though not hardcore romance. I'm not the greatest at world building, but I do try to do it. I don't write stories that are past a PG-13 rating, and the PG-13 rating really depends on the content that makes it PG-13. I also do not write slash. You won't find any form of fan fiction here. I do have a fan fiction LJ for Star Wars fan fics but I haven't written anything in months for that, so I won't bother linking to it.

I always try to write novels. I've yet to complete a full draft, but I'm working on it.

I've been participating in NaNoWriMo since 2006 but have no wins. I participated in getyourwordsout in 2010 and came close to winning.

Current Projects

Whatever I end up writing for Camp NaNoWriMo 2013, hopefully.

Rules and Important Links and Info

All pieces of writing found in this community are original and belong to jediknightmuse. Please do not post any of the writing or ideas that you find in here or ask for permission to do so (because it's not likely I'll say yes).


General rules/guidelines

No drama
No trolling
Constructive criticism only
I don't expect everyone to comment on every single entry, but it'd be nice if I got comments more than once in a blue moon.

I reserve the right to add onto/change these rules at any time.


Important links

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If you have any questions about anything, please comment to this entry.

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